Sunday, November 28, 2010

iGo Charge Anywhere Charger Review and Giveaway - Ends 12/26

The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness is doing a tremendous giveaway and something I desperately need. This weekend, my cell phone died on Thursday and I did not have the charger or an extra battery! I sure did need the iGo since I would not be able to get my charger until Sunday! ACK!!!! I missed a ton of emails and calls because of not having a product like this always in my pocketbook!

Check out her blog and see what she says about the iGo:

"Basically the iGo Charge Anywhere charger lets you charge your mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS devices etc. It is like a portable battery you can take anywhere. It is also easy to use. The Charge Anywhere has a plug in the back that you plug into the wall. You let the Charge Anywhere charge and it is ready to go. The iGo Charge Anywhere has two USB ports for dual charging, a USB charging cable, and you buy your mobile phone tips separately. iGo has a wide variety of tips available for different types of devices.

I have a Blackberry Torch and hubby has an iPhone. It works with both phones. We both have different tips so we can charge at anytime. I need to get another cord so we can charge simultaneously.

All you do after the charger is ready is plug in the phone and let it charge. The plug on the device is foldable so doesn't take up any space. I love this because this is a godsend when I am traveling or at conferences. Many times, I run out of juice so it is really handy to have an extra power source if I cannot find a plug.

The iGo Green Charge Anywhere is green too. It helps you suck less energy. “Vampire Power” is the term used by iGo to describe the power used by devices when they are left plugged in even when we aren’t using them. iGo devices, according to iGo, use 85% less “standby” power than standard charging devices when plugged in.

I also liked that the iGo is so small and portable. It slips right into my purse so I can always have it handy. It is really a cool gadget if you like these type of things. I am a little geeky so I love my iGo charger. Hubby was impressed too. He borrowed it when he went to a conference a few weeks ago and it really worked for him! This would make a wonderful gift this Holiday season for the techies on your Christmas list.

The iGo Green Charge Anywhere Charger costs $49.99 and is available on the web site."

Better yet, go to The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness and win one! Details are here:

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