Friday, December 3, 2010

Tortuga Gourmet Rum Company Cake Review and Giveaway - Ends 12/14

I found Little Yaya's Blog after seeing it written about on Survey Junkie's Blog, which I check often for reviews and giveaways for items I might need or like.

When I noticed today that Little Yaya was doing a giveaway for the Tortuga Rum Company, I quickly entered! I discovered that company long ago when traveling in the Caribbean and I love their rums ans cakes.

I always taste a bunch of samples when ever I am in Bermuda at the glass factory. I also am able to sometimes taste samples when I go on a cruise. They usually sell the rum cakes in the gift shops on the ships I cruise on. I never can afford to buy them so this giveaway was right up my alley as the cakes are so good. The flavors are so rich and incredible and like Yaya says in her review, the cakes are very moist!

The giveaway is for a 33 oz cake in any flavor so this is one to enter right away!

Check out the details for the contest here:

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