Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Top 10 Go Trexx Orlando Destination Selection

Top 10 Reasons I want to Go to Orlando
 10. I went on my honeymoon with my husband and now he is my ex-husband. I need to experience it again!
 9. I never had a dog. I would love to take Pluto for a walk!
 8. I could use some style advice from Minnie Mouse.
 7. I think it would be cool to share a beer with Pinocchio since I am sure he must be old enough to drink by now!
 6. The Mad Hatter and I could create some really interesting mischief!
 5. I could use some dating and romance advice from Lady & the Tramp!
 4. Mickey is tall, dark and handsome so what more could a girl want?
 3. I can travel to a dozen countries in one day in EPCOT without leaving the ground.
 2. I would love to ask Princess Cinderella the secret to those long, beautiful lashes.
 1. I heard Mickey Mouse is a stud.
 Can you see the theme? I love Walt Disney World and would love to go back! Thus, I created this Top Ten List.

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