Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Win an iPad at Style Guidance

You can enter the contest several ways:

Straight from their website......
1. Facebook
* Required: Become our fan on Facebook
* "Like" our Facebook fan page posts(just hit the like link) - one entry, for every "like" during the period.

2. Twitter
* Required: Follow our official @styleguidance twitter account
* Tweet out the contest message or RT our tweets...just make sure you use @SGhey so that we can track your entries. To enter, just hit that big red get one entry for every tweet. Notice! We'll only count one tweet per day, so don't spam.

3. Style Guidance Website
* Post Questions on the Style Guidance website, - one entry per valid question(2x on Question Weekends). We count a question valid, if it gets voted up and is ontopic. Completely unrelated questions will get deleted. And please don't try to create another account to vote yourself up or downvote competition, we have an algorithm running that looks for things like that. If you need some ideas, on what to ask, just scroll down!
* Be the first to answer a question - one entry per every upvoted answer. To see a list of unanswered questions go here
* BONUS: Question Weekends - get 2x entries for valid questions(stay on topic). Question weekends last from Fridays to Sundays. They are a way for us to encourage you guys to "spam" more questions our way. Questions are the lifeblood of this site. The more questions we have, the more people we get through Google. The goal for this site is to create a matching question and answer for any possible fashion, style, makeup, jewelry, clothes Google search that you can think of. Also, on Questions Weekends, you are allowed to rephrase already existing questions.

4. Spread the word!
* Blog/Write/Post About Us - you get one extra entry, for every 20 people you link to (tracked via Google Analytics), limit: 10 entries/day;
* Link to Us - same rules as above, but all you have to do is link to us. It can be a signature on some forum you are using. Or just a link on the side bar of your blog.

Enter here:

Style Guidance Promotion

Contest ends 5/23/10

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